The Highlands Act has a nice purpose- reserve land in somewhat rural areas to promote environmental preservation.  In practice, that can mean an owner of valuable property can be deprived of his right to use it, frequently without compensation.  We can help you use your property or get compensation.  This site contains references to regulations, cases and other materials dealing with the Highland’s Act.  

1. Problems and Right to Compensation

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It’s nice that the State is setting aside land but what about the land owners.  The compensation scheme has been erratic and unclear and in many cases owners have found they cannot develop but this is still their land.  The U.S. Constitution prohibits the taking of property without just compensaiton.     

Some owners have secured compensation for limited development rights.  Indeed after we wrote to our area Highlands Council, one client received reasonable compensation.  Others have faced delays, claims of limited funding, and other problems.  

2. How Do You Work 

We handle claims on both hourly and contingency basis.  On contingency, our compensation only occurs, once the land-owner gets compensation for his diminished use.  

3. Sources 

Standards for Review of Highland’s Applications

Highland’s Act Questions and Answers

When Is Compensation Due Under the Highlands


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